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Let's enjoy sightseeing in the northern part of Okinawa based on Kouri Island Island!

Lalamare Kouri is perfect for sightseeing in the north!
Kouri Island within, of course, there are a number of tourist attractions to visit in the vicinity Kouri Island
  • Kouri Island

    • Kouri Ohashi Bridge

      A 1,960m long bridge that gives you the feeling of running on the sea.
      Emerald green sea spreads on both sides, making it a drive course with superb views.
    • About 850m from the hotel, about 10 minutes on foot

      Kouri Beach

      There are many beaches in Okinawa, but among them
      It is said that the sea is more beautiful in the northern suburbs.The sea is very transparent and perfect for marine sports and activities such as swimming and snorkeling.
    • About 2km from the hotel, about 5 minutes by car

      Tinu Beach/Heart Rock

      One of the most popular among couples and lovers is Tinu Beach is called Heart Rock Beach because of its heart-shaped rock.
      Recently, it has also been used in JAL's TV commercial JAL the popular idol Arashi, and has gained popularity.
    • About 270m from hotel, about 5 minutes on foot

      Chigunu Beach

      There is a myth originating myth called "Okinawa Version Adam and Eve Legends".
      A 5-minute walk from the hotel will take you down to the beach below the stairs.The scaffold may be lost due to the rising and falling tide, so go down the stairs while watching the tide.Visit the romantic legendary beach and see it.
    • About 1.4km from the hotel, about 4 minutes by car

      Kouri Ocean Tower

      It is the spot where you can enjoy a superb view from above sea level 82m of Kouri IslandFrom the observatory on the tower, you can overlook the beautiful emerald green sea around Kouri Island Island and the Kouri Ohashi Bridge, and you can see Ogimi Village and Kunigami Village main island of Okinawa in the distance.

  • Motobu Peninsula

    • About 20km from the hotel, about 35 minutes by car

      Churaumi Aquarium

      One of Okinawa's most famous sightseeing spots, not to mention!
      You can see the world's largest whale shark, 8.8ⅿ in length, right in front of you.
    • About 20km from the hotel, about 35 minutes by car

      Ocean Expo Park

      The Okinawa Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, boasting the No. 1 sightseeing spot in Okinawa Prefecture, is located on the site of Ocean Expo Park.There are lots of spots in the park that you can't return to just look at the aquarium.
    • About 20km from the hotel, about 35 minutes by car

      Row of Fukugi (Garcinia Spicata) tree at Bise

      A 5-minute drive from Churaumi Aquarium, a classic spot for sightseeing in Okinawa, along Bise Coast Line overlooking Ie Island, there are Fukugi trees.
      Fukugi is written in kanji as "Fukuki", is said to be a tree that brings happiness, and is also known as a power spot in Okinawa.

    • About 23km from the hotel, about 37 minutes by car

      Sesoko Island/Sesoko Beach

      Sesoko Island is a remote Sesoko Island with a circumference of about 8 km.
      It is a popular island as it is full of tourists every year and can easily enjoy the remote islands because it can be returned to and from the Sesoko Ohashi Bridge, which is 762 meters long.
      Sesoko Beach is located on the west side and extends for about 800m.
  • Nago City

    • About 15km from the hotel, about 25 minutes by car

      Neo Park Okinawa

      A natural animal park that takes advantage of the subtropical climate and the nature of Yambaru.
      Tokyo Dome inside of the flying cage set on the vast site of five Tokyo Dome is broadly divided into three zones: Africa, Central and South America, and Oceania.
    • About 16km from the hotel, about 25 minutes by car

      Nago Pineapple Park

      You can see the pineapple fields and tropical plants on the cute Pineapple-go that moves automatically.
      At the tasting / tasting corner, you can sample pineapple wine and juice made with pineapple.
    • About 18km from the hotel, about 30 minutes by car

      21st Century Forest Park

      Nago City Nago Bay, which spreads out in front of Nago City, has a beautiful arc and is surrounded by mountains of Yambaru.
      There is Nago City Area Nagoura Park along the coast of Nago City Area the back of the bay.Nagoura Park is known as "21st Century Forest Park" with the friendliness of the citizens.
  • Event

    • The whole year will be held in mid-July

      Ocean Expo Park Fireworks Festival

      The summer festival, which is the largest summer event in Okinawa with about 10,000 fireworks and opening acts by artists in the prefecture, is a major event in summer.
    • The whole year will be held in early February

      Nakijin Gusuku Cherry Blossom Festival

      A cherry blossom festival held at Nakijin Castle Ruins, the only world heritage site in the Okinawa Main Island Northern Part."Gusku Hana Akari", which lights the fantastic lights of the castle walls and the approach to the castle with candlelight, is sure to be photographed.
    • The whole year will be held in early November

      Tour De Okinawa

      Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture two-day road race in the Okinawa Main Island Northern Region of Okinawa Main Island Northern Region, mainly Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture
      Taking advantage of the characteristics of Okinawa, a tourist destination, it is held not only for pure races but also for various events.