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  • Breakfast

    Freshly baked bread,Scrambled eggs,sausage,Yogurt,salad,Drink(Please choose from coffee, tea or orange juice)

    ◆Offer time 7:30 to 10:00(9:30am Last order)
    ◆Breakfast is served on-site at LoFoLo, the island bistro.
    ◆We offer bread baked right before being delivered to our kitchen.

    *Contents are subject to change.
  • Rental exhibition

    ◆Baby bed    :  Paid(Tax-included 2,750 yen/Table)
     (Trash for diapers,Child chair,Bib,Wet tissue)

    ◆Bed guard    :  Free

    ◆Child chair  :  Free

    ◆hair iron    :  Free

    ◆instant camera"Cheki instax mini 11』\ : Free of charge
    *Film 1,000 yen(Tax-included, 10 pieces per pack)
    *If you prepare your own film, you can only use FUJIFILM instax mini film.

    *The number is limited, so please apply in advance.